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Your business is your passion.  Whether it is a project you do on the side, or your sole source of income, you are going to need a relationship with an attorney who is capable of addressing all of your business needs.  Whether you need basic or extensive business services in Sioux Falls, we can help.  For one, we can professionally draft or review your corporate documents so they are compliant and fit the needs of your particular business.  We can also help protect your intellectual property and make sure your trademarks and copyrighted content is secure and non-infringing.  We review, draft, and negotiate contracts to make sure your rights and business concerns are addressed and protected. When you need to raise capital, we will be your guide through the complex and confusing regulatory schemes, whether you are adding a partner, seeking venture capital, turning to crowdfunding, or utilizing loans.  We can advise you to make sure your business is in compliance with the myriad of laws and regulations that affect your business decisions.

There are considerations to take into account for what type of business model you want.  Partnerships and LLCs offer flexibility, corporations offer proven business practices and easy transfer of ownership.  Perhaps a non-profit corporation is the best way to promote your passion. Whatever your unique business opportunity may be, we can advise you about your options, the pros and cons, and form the proper entities in compliance with the laws that will affect you. Don't be afraid to start a business in this prosperous South Dakota market. 

We want to see you succeed.

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You need an attorney that will model your business to prevent disputes and promote group synergy.

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The life of a business owner is full of challenges and opportunities. With rewards comes risk. 

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Your name is perhaps your most valuable asset. Let us review what you are being asked to sign. 

Let's get deals done, and let's do them right. We will tie up the loose ends before there is a problem.