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Am I entitled to 50/50 or shared custody under South Dakota law?

A parent is not necessarily entitled to shared custody, however, if they request it, the law requires the judge to consider granting shared custody, and includes a list of factors. It is important if you are seeking shared custody, whether through a divorce or as unmarried parents, you contact an attorney who knows the factors the court considers, and the law explaining those factors. To obtain 50/50 or shared custody, your attorney will need strong skills in the presentation of evidence and the South Dakota rules of evidence (hearsay, relevance, unfairly prejudicial, privileged, to name a few) and experience in the courtroom.

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Our offices provide representation in many dynamic family situations. Each family is different, and each family is unique.  Issues arise between spouses, parents, parent and child, grandparents and their grandchildren, and so on. It is always advisable to have a skilled attorney on your side so you know what your rights are, and so you can protect your rights.

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